1.  As a grass roots club we always aim to keep our costs down, for example we do our own football pitch preparation - yes we can be seen out with the tractor and marking up the lines and our volunteers are all unpaid.  It does however sadden us when we find that individuals cannot turn up to away matches because they have no transport even with our car share system.  We wish to rectify this by purchasing a second hand mini bus (new of course if better sponsorship is made known to us.  By owning our own van we will be able to transport specific squads to matches on both Saturday's and Sunday's.  We would envisage using it in the week to transport teams to play various professional football academies facilitating them to reach their full potential.  
                                                                                                 £3,500 - £5,000 
We would like a van in time for our September 2020/21 season

 2.  We play our matches in Boston Manor Park and store our equipment away from the pitches and carry these across the park every week.  There are plans to upgrade Boston Manor Park which will mean that we will not be able to use our existing storage area as a new use will be found for these.  We would therefore like to kill two birds with one stone and jump before we are pushed by purchasing a storage container that we would site within the undergrowth near the pitches and also cut down on the distance the the equipment has to be carried.  We would buy this second hand and have budgeted £1,000 for this.

                                          We would like this storage in-situ ideally by August 2019

3.  We are already in discussion with a sponsor for new kit but we also need new equipment for 2020.
This will include training footballs, folding football goals and to bring us into the modern world an electronic football substitutions board.  

The current price tag for this is £2,200 which will give us a kicking start to our new season.


CAN YOU HELP US RAISE THIS MONEY?                                

4.  We are desperate to protect our space in Carville Hall Park North.  There are a number of anti-social issues happening which we cannot control.  However, we feel that if we could have some light see-through fencing installed around the site we can mark our territory.  We are seeking permission from LB Hounslow and, given the go-ahead we will then ask for the project to be costed and will seek funding.  Doing this, along with installing 2 dug outs it will allow us to progress the football ladder as we have certain requirements to meet with the FC to enable this.

5. UPDATE SUMMER 2020 - Discussions and meetings have taken place with Hounslow Council officials, where Spartans have been tasked with presenting an updated project plan detailing specific requirements to develop the facilities at Carville Hall Park to meet the standards for Step 6 football.


If you require any further information or wish to contact us we will be pleased to hear from you.  Please email