Information: This page is dedicated to our Men's team which is playing in   the Surrey Elite Intermediate League (Step 7), playing matches on Saturday   afternoons, and training weekly during the season on Thursdays evenings.

 New players are welcome to train, having gained promotion! Please get in   contact for training details! 



Season 2020/21, Spartans Youth FC Adults won the Middlesex FA Intermediate Cup beating Indian Gymkhana 2-0 in the final.

2020/21 SEASON FIXTURES   These will be updated as soon as they are known
SEFL=Surrey Elite Intermediate League

 Date Fixture Result
Saturday 15th August 2020
Saturday 22nd August 2020
Saturday 29th August 2020
Saturday 5th September 2020
Saturday 19th September 2020
Saturday 26th September 2020
Saturday 3rd October 2020
Saturday 10th October 2020
Saturday 17th October 2020
Saturday 24th October 2020
Saturday 31st October 2020
Saturday 5th December 2020
Saturday 12th December 2020
Saturday 19th December 2020
Saturday 10th April 2021
Saturday 17th April 2021
Saturday 24th April 2021
Saturday 1st May 2021
Monday 3rd May 2021
Saturday 8th May 2021
Saturday 15th May 2021
Saturday 22nd May 2021
Saturday 29th May 2021 
Saturday 12th June 2021 
Saturday 24th July 2021
Saturday 31st July 2021
Saturday 7th August 2021
Saturday 4th September 2021
Saturday 11th September 2021
Saturday 18th September 2021
AFC Cubo v Spartans ( Friendly) 
Spartans v Balham Res ( Friendly)
Spartans v Pitshanger FC(Friendly
Spartans v Polytechnic (Friendly)
Spartans v Staines Lammas (Lge)
NPL v Spartans (League)
Royal Holloway vSpartans (Lge)
Guildford Utd v Spartans (League)
Farleigh Rovers v Spartans ( Lge)
Spartans v Battersea (League)
Spelthorne v Spartans (League)
Spartans v Lyne (League)Won4-1
AFC Spelthorne v Spartans ( Lge )
Worcester Park v Spartans(Lge)
Spartans v Merrow (Cup)(Won3-0)
Spartans v Staines Lammas(Cup)
Spartans v AFC Spelthorne (Cup)
Lyne v Spartans 
Guildford Utd v Spartans (Cup) 
Holloway v Spartans (Cup)
Horsley v Spartans(Lge Cup Rd1) 
Pitshanger v Spartans(Middx Cup)
Worcester Park vSpartans LG Cup
Spartans v Indian Gym (WON 2-0)
Spartans v Brentford Town 
AFC Cubo v Spartans ( Friendly)
Spartans v Pitshanger (Friendly)
Walcountians v Spartans(League) 
AFC Cubo v Spartans (League)
Horsley v Spartans (League) 
(Won 3-1) Bakare/Mensah/H.Stow
(Won 2-0) Bakare/ Ralph
(Won 4-0) Mensah 2/ Barnes/Gros
(Drew 2-2) H.Stow/Grossett
(Lost 2-1 ) Mensah
(Won 2-0) Mensah/ Grossett
(Won 2-0) Awokere/ Grossett
(Lost 3-0)
(Lost 3-1) Grossett
Cancelled ( Covid )
Cancelled ( Waterlogged Pitch )
(Won 3-2) H.Stow2/ Simuchimba
(Drew 2-2) H.Stow 2
(Drew 1-1) H.Stow 1
(Won) Game Awarded
(Won 2-0) H.Stow/Ralph
(Lost 5-1) H.Stow 1
(Lost 2-0) 
(Won 4-1 Simuchimba2/Awokere1
(Won 1-0 Awokere1)
(Lost 3-1 Powell 1)
Middx Cup Final(Morris1/Mensah1
Won 4-3 ( Friendly Match)
Won 6-3 ( Friendly Match )
Won 2-1 ( Friendly Match )